Elevate Langley Assoc.

Council Candidate

Cathy MacDonald is a partner in a successful business with her husband Tim. She understands cash flow, the realities of making payroll during good times and bad, and the need to work within a budget to achieve goals.

A graduate of the University of Western Ontario in media info technoculture, MacDonald started her career in television. She soon turned her communication knowledge into success in sales, taking her education into marketing and high-profile brand expansion for products like Maybelline and L’Oreal. This prompted her to take courses at Sauder School of Business and further her education.

MacDonald has always been interested in community issues and local business development. Her children are now at an age where she can pursue this interest, and her business is 20 years old and it’s well established in Langley. The company is now able to run well without her constant attention.

After the changes to business created by the pandemic and the post-pandemic business world, MacDonald really wanted to make sure local businesses had a secure environment to thrive. This increased her interest in local politics and her desire to advocate for small businesses and the community in general.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

– Peter Drucker

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

– Peter Drucker

MacDonald wants to protect and enhance some of the best features the Township of Langley. Her son’s involvement in hockey and her daughter’s involvement in competitive dance has helped MacDonald appreciate the great recreational facilities, and understand that the community needs to expand and increase capacity as more people move in.

The great spirit of the people of Langley needs to be supported and encouraged so people have the confidence to step up and volunteer. They need to know that Township Council is going to hear them and work with them.

The business community needs progressive policies that support local businesses and attract more companies to the Township. A vibrant business sector helps to service the community’s larger needs. We need good jobs close to home. It’s better for the environment and it improves the quality of life.

The rising cost of living has created challenges for people, and Langley has a few additional challenges including traffic congestion and future stress on facilities from a growing population.

Cathy MacDonald is excited to work under the leadership of someone as accomplished as Rich Coleman. She followed his career and is grateful for the Langley Events Centre and so many other local amenities. She admires his ability to deliver results and wants to work with him to expand on his previous accomplishments.

Cathy has a degree from the University of Western Ontario in Media Info Technoculture. In 1999, she moved to BC to intern with CTV.

She has been married to her husband Tim MacDonald for 20 years. They have 2 young teens. Their son plays hockey and their daughter is a competitive dancer

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