Elevate Langley Assoc.

Council Candidate

Navin Takhar is a real estate appraiser. He was born and raised in the Fraser Valley and he’s lived in Langley for two years. He recently married his wife Monica.

Most of Navin’s career has been spent working with clients in Langley, where he’s often worked on bringing new accessible and affordable housing to the Township.

Takhar and Monica live with his grandparents, helping to care for his grandfather, who has dementia. He has direct experience with the needs of seniors and is committed to protecting the existing facilities and attracting more service providers to the Township of Langley so that seniors like his grandfather can have a good quality of life.

During his career, Takhar has often taken time to advocate on behalf of his clients if they are having difficulties with by-laws and building department, working with city staff to bridge the gap between the needs of the builders, homeowners and the rules of the Township, and sometimes also assisting with language barriers.

Through this process, he has learned a lot about some of the built-in inefficiencies in the rules. This has motivated him to become more involved so that the process of building accessible housing is smoother and more affordable.

He has personally seen that inefficient rules lead to higher building costs This leads to higher prices for the buyers, which is not in anyone’s best interests. While he has been successful at working with city staff to resolve specific issues, he sees that the whole system needs to be streamlined and improved.

There are risks and costs to action. But they are
far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.

– John F Kennedy

There are risks and
costs to action. But they are
far less than the long range
risks of comfortable inaction.

– John F Kennedy

Takhar believes the Township of Langley needs diverse housing options that work for each neighbourhood, whether a rural farm area or condos in a walkable part of the town. He sees that the Township is becoming more ethnically diverse, this is enriching our local culture and it also means that sometimes there should be support for new residents.

He values the incredibly diverse recreational and cultural offerings, from sports fields and facilities to music to hiking and riding. He wants to ensure that access to these amenities are available to all residents as the Township grows.

When Township council is fragmented, as it has been in the recent past, Takhar sees slow decision-making. He looks forward to Elevate Langley working together as a team with Coleman’s experienced leadership.

He has valuable insights into the challenges that seniors are facing, especially those with dementia like his grandfather, he wants to encourage more local services and find ways to expand local support programs.

He is also passionate about affordable housing and taking a proactive approach to the issue of homelessness. Takhar knows that real solutions will take commitment and a council that is able to work effectively with all of the other levels of government.

On October 15th