Our 7 Commitments to Langley

Our 7 Commitments
to Langley

Ensure our Police, Fire and Emergency Services are Fully Funded to Protect our Community

  • Upgrade and add to firehall capacity including funding full complements of needed personnel.
  • Work with the RCMP to build a police plan that incorporates intelligence-based policing (put resources where they will be most effective based on local data), increased visibility, and communication.
  • Explore integrating a mental health team with police officers.
  • We are committed to pushing the provincial and federal justice systems to be tougher on those that abuse our vulnerable by selling illegal drugs.

Immediate Improvement to Housing Affordability and Access

  • Cut Red Tape – Streamline processes, speed things up, and reduce costs for the consumer.
  • Affordable home ownership planning through partnerships and innovation.
  • Rental strategy aimed at diversifying options while respecting local communities.
  • Encourage innovation in the marketplace and make it easier to incorporate new construction technology.

Parks & Recreation Infrastructure Close to Home for All – With Fiscal Accountability

  • Be fiscally responsible by utilizing land we already use, such as:
    • All High Schools will have a proper track and artificial playing field.
    • Put playing, ball fields, and green space over every retention pond.
  • Have an all-sport, all-association recreation strategy that expands opportunities for all sports (from pickle ball to swimming pools), culture, music and dance – without playing favourites.
  • Add additional ice surfaces to support youth sports.

Raise the Bar – Not Taxes

  • Plan with understanding the pressures of rising inflation and how our decisions directly impact you in the short and long term.
  • Complete review of our operations to support effective use of your dollars.
  • Support Township staff with the resources to be successful.
  • Re-invest savings to benefit taxpayers.

Make the Township of Langley a Sustainable City

  • Lead British Columbia in adopting new technology solutions into pre-existing and new construction.
  • Incentives for water and energy technology that enhance efficiency.
  • Streamline the ability to new energy tech (i.e. solar energy solutions) to existing multi-storey buildings and new construction.

Prioritize Solutions to Road Congestion, Transit, and New Modes of Travel

  • Fix and improve traffic issues in Willoughby (80th, 72nd, 208th) and other arterial roads.
  • Work to fully integrate our transit with connecting option for easy access.
  • Be prepared and plan options for e-bikes and e-scooters.
  • Establish a working group to prioritize mobility issues throughout the community.

Expect Excellence From the Elevate Langley Team

  • We will value your input and have an open door.
  • We will respect, support, and value Township staff.
  • As your municipal representatives we will bring greater support to Langley’s most vulnerable through provincial and federal partnership.