DINESEN, Stephen

Elevate Langley Assoc.

Council Candidate

Stephen Dinesen is an innovator and community builder with a strong business background and civic ties. 

Together with Analies, his wife and business partner, they own and operate a local company—Bear Woods Supply, in the Township of Langley. Since the company’s acquisition in 2015, Stephen has managed to grow the business in spite of the unprecedented challenges of the past two years. Stephen is also a co-owner of a local gym and health clinic – Body Smart Health and Fitness in North Langley, which serves a diverse clientele from the local community. 

Prior to this, Stephen and his brother started and grew BackCheck, an employee background check company. At the time, the market for background checks was very small in Canada. Through hard work, innovative uses of technology, and strong team building, Dinesen’s company grew to over 400 employees, including an office with a team of 200 in Port Kells. After 10 years of growth the business was acquired by one of the largest corporations in the field. 

Do unto others are you would
have them do unto you.

Do unto others are you
would have them do unto you

As much as he is successful in business, Stephen Dinesen is a down-to-earth person who truly values his Langley roots. Motivated by a genuine love for humanity, Stephen has freely ministered to friends and strangers alike, exemplifying many of the core principles of his faith—compassion, generosity, hospitality and community. 

Stephen cares about the well-being of fellow residents and neighbours, especially young families, senior citizens, and those in need. He shares their many concerns, including housing affordability, community resources, traffic and transportation – These are the motivating factors behind Stephen’s entry into the upcoming civic election. 

If elected to the Council of the Township of Langley, Stephen Dinesen will bring his wealth of experience, knowledge and know-how to help secure effective and practical solutions. He will tirelessly advocate for an inclusive collaborative approach to public policy that respects the input of everyone wishing to participate. 

Stephen is 45 years old, and is the father of four children ranging in age from 12 to 20. 

On October 15th